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le 24/08/2012

Yet rental slowly as confirmed on vacation

Yet rental slowly as confirmed on vacation

In this day of going on holiday, it is clear that personal cheap cars leasing , by far, the preference of our citizens. As noted in the last annual survey, Harris Interactive Mobivia "personal lease cars is the best response to growing mobility needs".

In 2010, a sign of their commitment, and their dependence on the possession of a vehicle, a very large majority of England believes that the purchase is a better solution, for example, renting a vehicle (89% against 11%). 61% of England take their cheap cars leasings to go on holiday this summer, even though 49% of them say that fuel prices will have an impact on the choice of destination.
On holiday roads, few cheap cars leasings to customers

In short, the lease cars rental but no attracted little practice (only 8% of people would rent a cheap cars leasing or they could share in one form or another (cheap cars leasingpooling, cheap cars leasing sharing, ...). Car is no longer a star and statutory budget cheap cars leasing weighs more than ever, the idea of ??renting benefits. However, despite the attractiveness of less polluting modes of transport and the growing attraction of other modes of transport, they are extra alternatives ... ( 4).

In the meantime, if you want to try to rent a lease cars or hire one to another individual, continue on consoLoc service 100% and no commission!

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